The ACTE-2022 invites high quality research papers in the areas of Computations in Applied Engineering and related areas. The primary goal of the conference is to change the ideas in the existing areas, encourage academic and industry interaction to promote collaborative research activities involving scientists, engineers, professionals, researchers and students.

High quality research papers are invited on the following areas, but not limited to :

Track 1: Data Science & Engineering Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, Data Centric Programming, Data Modeling & Semantic Engineering Data, Text, Web Mining, & Visualization, Domain Specific Data, Management Knowledge Engineering

Track 2: Computing Technologies Algorithms Programming Languages, Computing Architectures and Systems Computer Graphics, Vision and Animation, Software and Database System, Multimedia Engineering Networks, IoT and Cyber Security Cluster, Cloud, & Grid Computing

Track 3: Computational Intelligence Data Mining, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning, Meta heuristic algorithms, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Human Computer Interface, Crowd Sourcing & Social Intelligence

Track 4 : Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization Data Based Control and AI Decision Support Systems, Distributed Control Systems Engineering, Applications on Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization Evolutionary Computation and Control Fuzzy Control, Genetic Algorithms, Hybrid Learning Systems, Hybrid Systems, Intelligent Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognostics Knowledge-Based Systems Applications, Machine Learning in Control Applications, Networked Control Neural Networks Based Control Systems, Optimization Algorithms, Planning and Scheduling, Soft Computing, Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems